Surgery Department

The department of Surgery at the Dhaka Community Medical College Hospital is dedicated to develop the best surgeons by using dynamic curriculum & mentoring based teaching methodology. Our trainees are working as team & exposed to everything in the domain of general surgery, colo-rectal surgery, plastic surgeries & Urology. This wide variety of surgical procedures enriches the training including the educational experiences. The SURGERY dept. is situated on the 10th floor of hospital building. It has two wards male & female including cabin. The patient can get admitted themseves at any floor of hospital.

Departmental Activities:

1.Lecture classes (MBBS & BDS) taken as per schedules–5classes/ Week.

2. Clinical classes (MBBS & BDS) –Morning & evening ( by Professors, Associate professor, Assistant professor & Registrar at Morning & evening classes by Registrars, CA & MOs.

3. Ward ending examinations.

4. Block ending examinations.

5. Assessment examinations.

6. General CME activities — according to schedule.

7. Journal club activities–once in a month.

8. Conduction of skill lab training.

9. Assessment of interns & students according to curriculum.

10. Professional examinations for both MBBS & BDS according to schedule.

Faculty Members of Surgery (Under Graduation) MBBS:

Dr. Md Abdul Momen-01


Professor & Department Head, MBBS, FCPS (Surgery)

Department : Surgery

Dr. Abul Nur Masud Rana-01


Associated Professor, MBBS, MS (Surgery)

Department : Surgery

Faculty Members of Orthopedics(Under Graduation) MBBS:

DR. Monirul Alom

Dr. A.S.M Monirul Alam


Department : Orthopedics

Dr. Nazmus Sakeb

Dr. Najmus Sakeb

Associate Professor

Department : Orthopedics

Dr. Masum Billha

Dr. S.M. Masum Billah

Assistant Professor

Department : Orthopedics

Dr. Nazmul Huda

Dr. M. M. Nazmul Huda


Department : Orthopedics