Assessment System

A. There will be in-course (card/item/term) and end-course (professional) assessment for the students in each phase (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th phase) of the course i.e. formative and written, oral examination.
B. Formative assessment will be done through results of items, card and term ending examination & class attendance and other performance.
C. For formative assessment, 10% marks from written marks of each paper of the subject is allocated.
D. For MCQ of each paper, 20% marks are allocated. There will be separate answer script for MCQ part of examination. Total number of MCQ will be 20.
E. For SAQ of each paper, 70% Marks are allocated.
F. Oral part of the examination will be structured.
G. OSPE/OSCE will be used for assessing skills/competencies. Traditional long & short cases will be also used for clinical assessment.
H. There will be phase final examination within each academic gap phase

Criteria for eligibility to appear in the Professioal Examination:

75% attendance in Lecture & Tutorial classes separately. Completion of card & practical notebooks. 60% marks in average in three term examinations. 60% marks in average in item examinations.