Admission Process


Admission will be on the basis of merit following the terms & conditions as directed by the Govt. of the people`s republic of Bangladesh. Those who have passed SSC. HSC, `O’ level, `O’ level or equivalent examination in the specified years having equivalent mark as also eligible to apply with an equivalence Certificate from DGHS, Mohakhali, Dhaka.

Application Procedure:

Application form prospectus & other information are available at the of office of  DCMC (address given below) Complete application form & relevant documents must be submitted to the to the office (add: given below) by the candidate or his/ her representative within the announced date & time.

1. Attested photocopies of SSC and HSC or equivalent examination marks sheets
2. Attested photocopies of SSC and HSC or equivalent examination certificate / Testimonial
3. Four copies of recent passport size attested photographs
4. Nationality certificate from Chairman of the Union Parishad / Ward Commissioner of Metropolitan City or National ID card
5. In case of the reserved seats for children of Freedom Fighters, a Freedom Fighters certificate from the Secretary and Honorable Minister/ State Minister of the Ministry of Liberation War Affairs or an attested photocopy of Freedom Fighters Certificate counter signed by the Honorable Prime Minister during the period of 1997-2001 in favour of the parents participating in the Liberation War )

Admission into Course:

List of selected candidates will be duly notified by the Director General of Health Services (DGHS). The selected candidates will have to get admission within the due date, otherwise their selection will be cancelled and the vacant seats will be filled up from the candidates of waiting list on merit basis. During admission, candidate must pay the fees and produce all original documents (SSC & HSC certificate and marks sheets or equivalent certificates from the boards).

Medical Examination:

The selected candidates will be examined by a Medical Board for their physical fitness. The Medical Board will be formed by the Principal of Dhaka Community Medical College.

Conduct and Discipline:

All students should abide by the rules and regulations of the college. Noncompetence to these rules and regulations will make the students liable for disciplinary action, which may ranges from warning to expulsion from the college. Students of Dhaka Community Medical College are forbidden to organize union, association or society other than those approved by the authority, in order to enrich their physical, intellectual, social and ethical development.

Undertaking of Bond:

During admission into the college, the candidates and their parents or guardians will have to sign a bond on non-judicial stamp accepting the terms and conditions of the college and the students conduct and discipline. Admission will be incomplete without submission of the bond.

Expenses of Study:

Tuition fees and all other fees with VAT payable at the time of admission will be notified in the college notice board. All payments are to be made in full at the time of admission. All payments made at the time of admission are nonrefundable, even after cancellation of admission. Any student seeking to leave the college in any time after admission will have to pay an additional amount of Tk. 2,00,000/- (Two lac) only as compensation to the College.

The foreign students will have to pay Admission fees & others fees in U.S dollar as per decision of College Authority.