Chairman DCH Trust Message

Professor Dr. Quazi Quamruzzaman


Dhaka Community Hospital Trust

It is a great pleasure for me to welcome the students of the MBBS course in Dhaka Community   Medical College. It is our desire that the basic health care facilities are to be taken to the door steps of the suffering millions.  This can only be achieved by establishing a state of the art team of doctors and supporting professionals. We are making our highest effort to keep abreast with the current developments and advancements in the sphere of Medical science and include those to make tailor of the course to suit the requirement of time. I am pleased and proud of having a good number of experienced and qualified teachers to ensure an excellent academic atmosphere in the unit, which is an indispensable precondition to teach the MBBS students.

Hope the students will play a major role in creating a dignified medical college and achieve a high profile academic status. I hope the new students will devote themselves fully to pursue their study assignments and will be an excellent doctors.

As desired by the Government, the health care services that has been provided  by the Dhaka Community Hospital through their sincerity and commitment to the community, that efforts will be strengthen further by developing a need based community  oriented service alongwith developing skilled community oriented doctors. For these purposes, Dhaka Community Hospital Trust has undertaken a project to construct multistoried college and hospital buildings along with developing infrastructure facilities.

I express my enormous gratitude to the Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MH&FW), for his invaluable support in establishing this college. I extend my heartiest thanks and gratitude to the Secretary of the MH&FW. I also offer my thanks to Vice Chancellor of the University of Dhaka, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Dhaka, Director General of Health Services, Joint Secretary (Coordination) MH&FW, the University of Dhaka and others who helped us a lot for the approval of the Medical College.

I expect the incoming students will abide by the college rules and uphold the excellence of Dhaka Community Medical College.