The speciality of the MBBS programme in Dhaka Community Medical College is that, from the very beginning it is oriented towards practical application as followed in advanced countries. The college offers five years MBBS course and one year internship training in Dhaka Community Medical College Hospital as required by Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council affiliated by the University of Dhaka. The academic session begins from January each year or as suggested by the Government of Bangladesh.
During the five years of MBBS course, the University of Dhaka will conduct four professional examination namely, (i) The First Professional MBBS examination at the end of 1.5 years (ii) The Second Professional examination at the end of 1 year (iii) The Third Professional examination at the end of 1 year and (iv) Final Professional examination at the 1.5 years.
Completion of 5 years MBBS course followed by logbook based rotatory internship for one year.

The MBBS Course is Divided into 4 Phase:





1st Phase

1 ½  Year

Anatomy, Physiology, Biochemistry

First Professional MBBS examination

2nd Phase

1 Year

Pharmacology, Forensic Medicine


Second Professional MBBS examination

3rd Phase

1 Year

Pathology, Community Medicine, Microbiology

Third Professional MBBS examination

4th phase

1 ½  Year

Medicine & Allied, Surgery & Allied, Gynecology


Final Professional MBBS examination

In course examination: Regular study & flowing the classes are indispensable for passing through the first curriculum of the MBBS course. To conform to the need of the course and achieving high standard regular periodic class test. assignments item card final & term final examinations are conducted by each department. The card final & term final examinations try to mimic the university conducted professional examinations.