Chairman, Governing Body DCMC Massage

Professor Mahmuder Rahman


Chairman, Governing Body,
Dhaka Community Medical College

Dhaka Community Medical College of Dhaka Community Hospital Trust is going to start 14th Batch MBBS course 2022-2023.  Dhaka Community Hospital Trust began its long journey in 1988 with a tertiary care hospital.

The aim is to develop a model of integrated, quality and affordable health care for common people of Bangladesh.

The members of the Trust have considerable experience in teaching and organizing various development programs with the participation of community.

Objective of this college is to produce graduates who will be sensitive to the socio-economic realities of the community and at the same time, they will be able to deliver affordable quality health care. I sincerely hope that the MBBS students coming out of this college after years of hard work, will absorb all the knowledge and skill appropriate for a modern medical graduate and will preserve all human qualities.

The medical graduates of this institution will be able to inspire their respective health teams and also will be able to lead them with dedication. On behalf of the Trust and the Governing Body, I congratulate all the students who are going to join this institution and I hope that they will try their utmost to maintain a high standard of knowledge and skill.

The college will come across many hurdles, but I am confident that together we shall overcome all the challenges and be able to establish this institution as one of the best in this region.

I take this opportunity to express our gratitude to all those who worked hard and helped us to achieve our objectives in establishing this Community Medical College.