Gynaecology & Obstetrics Department

Department of Gynaecology and obstetrics ,Dhaka Community medical college is functioning with dignity since its inception .The department is situated in the 4 floor of hospital building with its labour room and general wards. The specialist outdoor is on 3rd floor, Operation Theatre on 5th floor and general outpatient department run by medical officers are in ground floor of the hospital building . Patients can get admissions in a cabin or female ward in any floor of the hospital.

Departmental Activities:

  1. Lecture classes (MBBS students)

Taken as per schedule

2.Clinical Classes (MBBS students)

3 Tutorial/Evening Session – Item taking and documentation on card

4.Case presentations by Interns

  1. Lecture Discussions with Medical Officers & Interns
  2. General CME programs
  3. Conduction of skill lab training
  4. Assessment of students and Interns according to Curriculum

CME On Prematurity and Preterm Labour

CME On  Pelvic Organ Prolapse

CME On Immunomodulatoty Role of Dydrogesterone in Preventing Pregnancy Loss

Womens Day Celebration 2022

Final Professional Examination

Awareness Program On  Cervical Cancer


  • Adoption of Standard Guidelines for Assessment of Quality of Reproductive Health Care in a tertiary Centre. Tasnim S,Nazmeen S
  • Teachers views about the preparation of question bank on the basis of subject content for the formative assessment of department. Tasnim s and et all
  • Overview of obstetric patients and their outcome in a tertiary hospital of Bangladesh. Nahid Sultana- BIRDEM Medical Journal
  • Incomplete abortion following medical method of termination in Dhaka Community Medical college Hospital. Parvin MT, Nessa K, Akter R, Kabir R. .Dhaka Community Medical College Journal 2021
  • Job satisfaction among paramedics working in selected NGOs in Bangladesh. Razia and et all
  • Autoimmune Haemolytic Anaemia in pregnancy- a case report.Razia akter
  • Malignant Mixed Mullerian Tumour of the ovary- a case report . Razia akter

Faculty Members (Under Graduation) MBBS:

Dr. Nahid Sultana-01

Prof. Dr. Nahid Sultana

Professor, MBBS,MS Head of the Dept

Department : Gynaecology & Obstretics

Dr. Saria Tasnim-01

Prof. Dr. Saria Tasnim

Professor, MBBS, FCPS, MMed Diploma in Epidemology

Department : Gynaecology & Obstretics

Dr. Tahmina Parvin-01

Prof. Dr. Tahmina Parvin

Associate Professor, MBBS, FCPS, MRCOG part 1

Department : Gynaecology & Obstretics

Dr. Razia Akter-01

Prof. Dr. Razia Akter

Assistant Professor, MBBS,FCPS

Department : Gynaecology & Obstretics

Dr. Rezwana Kabir-01

Dr. Rezwana Kabir


Department : Gynaecology & Obstretics

Dr. Mehnaz Arashida Hossain-01

Dr. Mehnaz Rashida Hossain


Department : Gynaecology & Obstretics

Dr. Munjarin Awal Lozy

MBBS,FCPS part 1

Department : Gynaecology & Obstretics